Tertiary Education Trust fund abbreviated as TETFUND is a scheme established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2011, to disburse, manage and monitor education tax to government-owned tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

TETFUND scheme was formed as a product of the Education Tax Act of 1993. Prior to the establishment of the scheme in 2011, government-owned tertiary institutions were poorly funded. The scheme was designed to improve on the management of funds disbursed to these institutions.

The TETFUND has established an ICT Support intervention designed to deepen the leverage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Beneficiary Institutions.

TETFUND Nigeria decided to have ICDL Certification as a certification standard to support their mission of transformative intervention in public Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria through funding.

To successfully manage the project, ICDL Africa has E-Tech Complete Solutions Limited as an ICDL Africa office in Nigeria. It was felt that E-Tech should share in the success of ICDL in the wider Nigerian market and not just have a temporary enhanced role for the TETFUND project. They will oversee the entire Nigerian market.

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